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Unparalleled Micro-Acoustic Engineering

While Soundmatters was originally founded in 1998 as an audio research + development company, its management team has a long and successful history developing and marketing high-quality brands.

In 2003, Soundmatters introduced its first product under its Soundmatters brand, the MAINstage 1-Box Surround System. This model became an immediate critical hit, receiving the 2004 Consumer Electronics Design and Engineering Showcase Award and raves from both the general consumer and audiophile press. The MAINstage pioneered the now-burgeoning category of 1-box surround solutions, of which Soundmatters is an acknowledged leader.

In 2006, Soundmatters introduced the higher powered MAINstageHD and a revolutionary new ultra-low-profile form-factor to high-performance subwoofers – the 4″-tall SUBstage100.

In 2007, Soundmatters introduced its new SLIMstage series 5.1 surround consoles. Their remarkable surround performance, flexibility, and ultra-slim chassis truly raise the bar for all-in-one surround solutions.

In 2008, Soundmatters introduced the world’s first pocket-sized portable HiFi systems, the foxL, with its successors and derivatives setting the reference for the category while the palm-sized foxLO subwoofer provides deep bass from a palm-sized enclosure.

As Soundmatters continues to grow and develop its brand, one thing remains a constant: to utilize our unique technologies to develop innovative, high-performance, ultra-compact products done SIMPLY. BETTER.



Linear Magnetic Drive™ Twoofer™

Building upon experience gained while working at NASA, Soundmatters’ founder, Dr. Godehard Guenther was the first in the world to recognize and utilize ultra-powerful rare earth magnets (like Samarium Cobalt and Neodymium) for loudspeaker designs. Unlike other companies, we actually create our own speakers from scratch. Our range of portable speakers are engineered around a pair of highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unique in their ability to reproduce both extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single small diameter (25mm) speaker, dubbed the “Twoofer”.

Covered by a portfolio of patents, both the foxL V2 dome and the Dash7’s pancake-flat Twoofers incorporate Soundmatters’ Linear Magnetic Drive topology featuring field-focused, back-to-back, dual Extreme-Energy™ neodymium magnets and a 1-inch, dual voice coil.

BassBattery™ / Flatmagic™

The dual digitally-powered Twoofers are assisted in their task of reproducing low frequencies by a miniaturized version of the high mass “moving-wall” passive bass radiators originally developed for Soundmatters’ award-winning SUBstage home subwoofers.

To add the additional bass driver, without compromising stringent weight and space restrictions, Soundmatters engineers developed an innovative solution: the BassBattery™. This patented design was created by rubber-encasing a built-in high capacity, lithium-ion battery, enabling it to provide the mass for, and do double duty as, an acoustic suspension bass driver. Moving the battery from the inside of the speaker–to become part of a “moving-wall” radiator–frees up critical internal airspace to drive the bass.

Uniquely Engineered Composite Enclosures

Composite Enclosure Architecture- Good enclosure design has always been important to high-end loudspeaker designers. Without cabinet rigidity and adequate internal air space, achieving hi-fi quality sonic clarity with extended bass response, especially from a lightweight pocket-sized speaker is impossible. Soundmatters’ unparalleled experience/expertise, use of advanced materials, and overall attention to detail in this critical but often overlooked area, significantly contributes to their unique high-fidelity capabilities.

Better cabinet rigidity means better sound- Rule one for a good enclosure: be inert when the music playing. Plastic enclosures often flex, while some metal ones vibrate. Due to it’s solid feel, most people think the our enclosures are metal, but they’re actually a glass-filled composite engineered to form an ultra-rigid, totally sealed acoustic enclosure – and it adds virtually no weight.

More internal air, more bass- All things equal, the more internal cabinet air space, the more bass. Soundmatters speakers deliver remarkable bass response for their tiny size. We accomplish this by our ability to engineer more internal volume in less outside cabinet dimensions. NASA-engineering expertise coupled with decades of small speaker design experience have led to the use of space-age cabinet materials which allow for ultra thin, yet ultra strong walls, while the patented BassBattery additionally saves internal space and acts as a supplemental woofer.

Drivers up front, where they should be- For aesthetics (or a lack of knowhow), traditional portable speaker designs often mount their acoustic drivers in manner that actually obstructs their sound, resulting in relatively “boxy or closed in sound”, especially if the listener is off-axis from the front of the speakers’ direct “line of sight”. Behind highly transparent protective grills, Soundmatters mounts their acoustic drivers tight to the front (with just enough space for their extended excursion), which eliminates side reflections and contributes to their open and airy sound, almost regardless of location.


John Harris - Emmy Award Winning Music Mixer

Mathias Anderle - Producer/Songwriter

Waddy Wachtel

Waddy Wachtel

Legendary Musician/Producer for Rolling Stones, Everly Brothers, Carole King, James Taylor, and Leann Rimes

foxL DUAL V2 is...astounding, the fidelity and the balances are exact, brilliant.

Ben Spivak

Ben Spivak

Musician / Bass Player for Magic!

Honestly, this little Dash7 is amazing.

Susan Foster

Susan Foster

Fine jewelry designer for Harrods and celebrity clientele

Love my amazing DASH7 speaker – So great and I travel with it all the time.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

Musician, Activist, World Traveller

If you are a music fan and are looking for mind-blowing playback that takes up a very small amount of space, you get the DASH and you’re done. Really, it’s that good.